Delight your apartment residents with smart electric vehicle charging

Bring sustainable ev charging to your apartment. At no cost.*

Delight your apartment residents with smart electric vehicle charging

Bring sustainable ev charging to your apartment. At no cost.*

*Comfyplanet aims to setup ev charging stations at no additional cost to the apartment, but in some cases it may not be possible due to property specific infrastructure limitations.

Why ev charging for apartments?

Attract and retain savvy residents who own evs or would love to own one

Protect your community and property from the hazards of unauthorized ev charging

Delight the investors in your property with ev charging profits

Assert your community’s leadership in a green future

Why Comfyplanet?

We take care of everything related to ev charging so you can take care of your business

Smart charging.
Your residents will love it.

Your residents can start charging their evs with just one click on their smart phones. Our sophisticated software algorithms and timely notifications will make the charging convenient, affordable and will guarantee peace of mind for your residents.

We know planning is hard.
Let us do it for you.

Comfyplanet is your partner in planning your complete infrastructure needs for ev charging. Ev charging locations, electrical upgrades, ev chargers and energy needs for ev charging over the coming years, all of your needs are covered.

Permits done.

Installation taken care of. 

Comfyplanet takes care of everything from electrical design, working with your city for permits to the final installation. All installations are done by a licensed electrical contractor. Have a preferred contractor? We will be happy to work with him.

Solar powered.
Better for the environment. Better for your bottom-line.

Solar makes ev charging sustainable, lowers your energy cost and makes ev charging more profitable for you. We do a free assessment of your apartment for solar and can help you go solar.

Zero maintenance fees.
Zero worries.

Have you ever wondered what owning ev chargers feels like? First, you have to buy them. Then you have annual maintenance fees. What if an ev charger adapter gets accidentally run over? Relax, Comfyplanet owns and maintains the ev chargers so you have one less thing to worry about.

We take care of energy management. You relax.

Have you come across perplexing items in your utility bill called as demand charges? And sometimes they can be almost 50% of your usage charges. Our software monitors the energy usage every seven seconds and intelligently controls the charging rate to minimize utility demand charges.

Revenue management.
With full transparency.

Comfyplanet understands the importance of ev charging revenues to you. We serve your residents, send you monthly ev charging revenues, track utility bills, collect payments from residents, take care of the chargers, update the software and more; freeing up your team to focus on your business.

With 24/7 customer service we're ready to help you. Always.

We are available 24/7 for your residents. We will send chocolates to your resident, if we don’t respond in 4 hours.